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Diasporas have been recognized as the catalyst for change and contribute significantly at the micro and macro levels of the economy of their countries of origin. What is more, they have retained their emotional, cultural and spiritual links with their native country. Nations that can tap on this niche, by addressing Diaspora concerns, can generate the flow of Diaspora knowledge, skill and resources to complement their national efforts for development. Diasporas can play significant role in the nation-building in developing countries and in ones which have undergone major transformation.

A vision to unite Nepali Diaspora under one banner was seeded through the formation of Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) on 11th October, 2003 in Kathmandu with the support from the Government of Nepal and the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI). Within a decade, affiliates of NRNA have been established in 68 countries/territories as an umbrella organization of the Nepali Diaspora; spearheading Diaspora interest and activities at home and abroad. Ever since its birth; NRNA has been actively promoting Nepal and the Nepali people by uniting and mobilizing Nepali living abroad and at home. The Nepal government formally issued the NRN Ordinance on 2nd September 2005 and promulgated the NRN Act on 2007 and NRN Regulations in 2009.

he Nepali Diasporas are the first generation Diaspora, hence may lack in resources, but have been able to organize ourselves to establish an umbrella organization to collectively represent our concerns and interest domestically as well as internationally. The Nepali people show their solidarity and concerns for their fellow Nepali working/living abroad. The government and the politicians of Nepal have been very receptive of the NRN issues and are looking forward towards NRN’s contribution in the development of their motherland. It is for the benefit of the home country as well as the Diaspora community that the potential and the promise of this huge reservoir of resources, human and economic, be harnessed to improve the lives of the Nepali people both at home and abroad.

A lot has been done, a lot can be done and yet, a lot will always remain to be done!

Shesh Ghale,
International Coordination Council,
Non-Resident Nepali Association.

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